Monday, January 7, 2013

For Future Use - Linux Audio - Installing Music Player Daemon

Installing Music Player Daemon

Some comments of the Linux Mint forums:

There are still relatively few Linux music players that support bit perfect output. I've used a few that will support it, and they work well. Examples include deadbeef, Quodlibet and Clementine. I've not tried mpd yet, but it supports bit perfect output as well.

The trick is to bypass Pulse Audio and and have the music player output direct to ALSA. This thread explains how to do it: ... from-linux

I also output from my laptop running Linux to a USB DAC, and then to my amp. As long as the outboard DAC does not require proprietary drivers, the DAC is plug and play under Linux Mint and many other distros. I've used the Furutech GT-40 ang the Antelope Zodiac, both with good results.

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